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What the SPOTLIO company stands for.

SPOTLIO is a company created by experienced and enthusiastic people dedicated to helping businesses, cities, and destinations deliver fast and frictionless mobile experiences to their customers through apps, mobile booking, 3D booking maps and responsive websites. All SPOTLIO solutions are white label, 100% customizable, and mobile-first. They are easy to use and help customers get things done in the moment, which leads to amazing increases in online revenues.


Easily integrate business partners in your customized SPOTLIO solution and monetize your mobile strategy.


SPOTLIO’s team operates out of Barcelona, Sankt Moritz, Salzburg and Andorra – each a thriving hub for mobile technology, tourism, leisure, and retail operations.


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Our team

Albert Ferrando - SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions




Albert Ferrando is responsible for driving the technical vision behind SPOTLIO. Albert studied software engineering at EPFL in Lausanne. He is passionate about all things mobile, and about leveraging mobile technology to help businesses achieve their goals. Before founding SPOTLIO, Albert held a variety of technical and product management positions within technology companies. He’s worked in Switzerland, Austria and Spain, where he focused on building out sales platforms and SaaS initiatives.


Albert likes to cycle, run and eat a healthy Mediterranean diet. But he uses far too many social apps for his own good.

Urs Grimm - SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions




Urs Grimm leads SPOTLIO’s overall strategic vision, business development and partnership efforts. He has extensive experience in tourism, retail and technology, in addition to an MBA. Urs has held executive and board-level positions with several leading international technology and leisure operations companies. One of which was Apple, where he worked for 10 years.


When Urs is not busy talking marketing and mobile strategies you can find him skiing Swiss mountains or sailing the Mediterranean’s most enchanting destination spots.

Joan Poch - SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions




Joan Poch brings our products together as apps and not just masses of numbers. Being a self-taught coder, although also having studied computer administration and multiplatform application development, he considers his job an extension of his hobby, which is digital technology.


Joan is a strong believer, as well as a good example of, the phrase “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”.

Félix Andreassi - SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions




Having worked as a web developer in both Spain and The Netherlands, Felix Andreassi is in charge of making our websites as good as our apps, and sometimes the apps as good as his websites. This is due to him being, just like the rest of the development team, a massive fan of technology.


As well as technology, Félix is also a big fan of music and culture, and likes to attend events related to both as often as he can.

Blanca Robles - SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions




Blanca Robles is in charge of making sure our customers and users get the best possible experience working with SPOTLIO. Blanca studied in both Barcelona and the city where our office is, Vilanova i la Geltrú. She loves learning languages as well as watching Z movies, making the Sitges film festival perfect for her.


Blanca’s favourite movie quote represents her work ethic quite well, it’s the great Master Yoda’s “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Gerard Mestres - SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions




Gerard Mestres is in charge of making SPOTLIO’s well built products into good looking ones. Carrying both Graphic Design studies in the ETEA, Barcelona and work experience on his back, Gerard makes SPOTLIO’s products aesthetically pleasing to everyone while always adding a personal touch.


After a long day’s work, Gerard will head home to his flat which he shares with his girlfriend and their two lovely cats to relax watching films, playing videogames or listening to his favourite music albums.

Noemi Sanna - SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions




Noemi Sanna, our latest addition to the SPOTLIO team, is in charge of turning potential clients into clients. Noemi’s professional and personal journey has taken her from her home country of Italy to France and Spain, but her passion for travelling and her hobby of running has taken her to many more places.


A strong believer in actions speaking louder than words, her favourite quote is from Joseph Dinouart’s L’art de se taire: “You should only talk if what you have to say is worth more than silence.”

Cristina Mestres - SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions




Cristina Mestres fills SPOTLIO’s marketing strategy and its execution with life. Licensed in Chemistry at the Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona, her professional journey has taken her as far as Texas, USA. The multi-industry experience of Cristina secures creative inputs and a deep understanding for the marketing challenges of our customers.


Cristina used to enjoy going to the beach and listening to music. Nowadays she enjoys more playing Power Rangers with her four-year-old son.

Victoria Lopez - SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions




Victoria López is Spotlio’s primary voice. Able to open any door in the company, she creates that important first contact. A great communicator, always happy and ready with a smile, Victoria is passionate about the online world. She says that new technologies allow her to continuously adapt and grow with the latest trends in society. Her experiences from living, studying, and working in various regions have made her flexible and given her great interpersonal skills.


Victoria enjoys sailing, scuba diving, traveling, reading, and good food, but most of all she loves a good after-dinner chat and is always up for an interesting conversation.

Joan Miquel - SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions




Joan Miquel is our Customer Services Manager but he’s also a creative publicist, and a coach among many other things. He studied Advertising and PR at the Universitat de Barcelona, a Postgraduate in Online Communications and a Masters in Coaching at the Instituto Superior de Coaching of Barcelona. Considering his dedication to strategy, Joan is a creative guy, who brings new perspectives to customer services management.


He loves meditating, veganism, yoga, and traveling to lose himself on pristine beaches without a kiosk in sight. But he also loves techno music festivals, and reading Joe Dispenza. Joan firmly believes that in life you should “Believe what you believe”.

Sandra Pique - SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions




Sandra Piqué is not only charming but a paragon of aestheticism. That’s why she’s our Graphics & Design Manager. At the Universitat de Barcelona she studied Arts and at Elisava, Graphic Design.
Having the ability to learn and adapt to any project, she immerses herself in any challenge without ever losing interest.


Sandra loves traveling, arts, music, movies, and theatre. Her flexibility allows her to strike a balance between these hobbies and spending time with her two wonderful children. She strongly believes “the best thing of all is that nothing is impossible”.

Arnau Martin - SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions




Arnau Martín is a System Engineer, but so versatile, he can help out with almost anything., He studied IT Systems Administration and Web App Development and has always been interested in how things work. From an early age, his interests have led him to work on distributed systems, networks, and process automation.


In his free time he loves gaming and traveling, although he never stops investigating and learning about his true passion: IT. That’s the reason why he identifies so strongly with Da Vinci’s statement “learning never exhausts the mind”.

Spotlio Team- SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions