Integrate Local Businesses

by inviting to participate in your Retail App.

Activate Shoppers

with a retail app that’s always up-to-date.

Monetize Your Retail App

with mobile promotions, coupons and sales.

Retail Apps that users love and strengthen my brand.

Create growth opportunities for all the businesses and shops present in your Retail App.

Unlimited commercial directories with filter and search functions.

Access to information, promotions, and purchases directly from the map.

A unique presence for every business with a 100% customizable profile.

Manage profile and promotions via the admin area.

Ecommerce integration and online sales.

Each business can easily manage its profile and promotions via their own admin login.

Tools available to all the participants in my Retail App:

1. Banner gallery. Helps showcase the best of their business and at the same time allows them to link each image to web content or existing promotions.

2. Contact buttons. Lets users contact them with ease.

3. Call to action button. Helps them sell by making their shopping cart, a promotion, or any web content accessible in a single click.

4. Create communications. Allows them to share relevant information and gain more visitor traffic to their profile.

5. Create promotions. Boosting their businesses by offering discounts, offers, downloadable documents, contests, and other content. It also allows them to manage coupons and payments from the app.

6. Sell through the app. Click here to learn more about the SPOTLIO ecommerce solution.

7. Web presence. Every business has a unique URL associated with their profile and promotions that they can use to promote their business.

8. Social networks. They can easily promote their networks by making them available through their participant profile.

9. Shareable content. Both participants and app users can share the participant’s content in their social networks.

Shops and businesses easily manage their presence in my Retail App thanks to Spotlio Manager App.

Spotlio Business App
Spotlio Business App
Spotlio Business App
SPOTLIO Business App
Spotlio Buisness App
Take the first step today to get your Retail App.

Participants in your Retail App can sell through your app too, thanks to the easy to use SPOTLIO’s ecommerce solution.

The typical revenue growth achieved by implementing SPOTLIO ecommerce solution means it can even pay for itself!

App de Comercio

How does it work?

We integrate the ecommerce platform into the app.

Each participant interested in this feature, is given its own account number.

Once the participant is all set up, they can create and launch as many promotions as they want with products sellable through the app.

Users buy the products, activities, experiences, and hotel rooms, available through promotions, and purchase straight from their phones or from the webapp.

Ask about the SPOTLIO ecommerce solution and pricing here.

With your Retail App, create an ecommerce experience similar to:

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