New generation mobile apps

Welcome to the Launch of Our New Generation Mobile Apps

Mobile users are amongst the most demanding customers in the world. They are usually on-the-go, time-poor, multi-tasking individuals who expect fast and intuitive apps that provide personalized information and powerful solutions to everyday problems.

SPOTLIO made its new generation mobile apps with the needs of these individuals in mind. Click the button below to experience one of our new generation apps for yourself.

Using the latest technology, our apps are leaner and quicker than ever before. Whether searching for a product, or loading a webcam app, users can enjoy lightening fast functionalities combined with an intuitive user interface.

Lighter apps with quicker download speeds

Johnny Carson once joked that a ‘New York minute’ is the length of time between when the traffic light turns green and the person behind you starts to honk. Today, this level of impatience once unique to the hectic lifestyles of those living in the Big Apple, has gone mobile and is now a worldwide phenomenon according to Google’s latest findings.

So, exactly how long is a ‘Mobile New York Minute’? Well, in our case, it’s the length of time between when a potential customer clicks to download your app and then changes their mind because it’s too slow in loading.

But, with customers demanding more and more functionality, it is essential for app builders to manage the size of their mobile apps to avoid,

  • Long download times that reduce the number of installations
  • Expensive, high data usage
  • Heavy apps that require more storage space on mobile devices

At SPOTLIO we take this challenge seriously and our new generation apps, although elegantly designed and packed with experience-enriching functionality, are highly efficient and surprising light. Following the latest mobile app build methodologies and moving from asset based to vector based graphics we have been able to improve the user experience whilst, at the same time, shrinking app size. This lean mean approach can also been seen in map file sizes which have been reduced using the latest image compression techniques.

Quick and more complete search results

Our in-app search function has always been quick but, based on customer feedback, we decided to give it more punch. Now, it has its own tab and offers up a richer selection of search results pulled from all categories and areas of the app. This functionality is backed up by server side improvements where we’ve increased our capacity by around 400%. With the new generation apps, customers are sure to find what they are looking for in double-quick time.

Improved, Highly Accurate GPS tracking

For many of our mountain resort and destination partners, our GPS tracking widget is a valued app functionality that customers love to use. So, we’ve been working hard to improve and build on that success. Now, customers can track their ski days even when they’re offline, without the need for a mobile data connection. Plus, our GPS tracking has been optimised to reduce battery usage. What’s more, our new tracking server infrastructure means that tracks can now be stored both locally and remotely offering our partners and their customers more sharing possibilities and an improved front end display. Simple location data has now developed into complete location intelligence.

More intuitive functionalities built directly into the app

We know that a seamless app experience is key to user engagement. So, we’ve also been looking to offer more of our app functionalities as a truly intuitive, in-app experience rather than linking out to external locations. Our new generation apps have more intuitive widgets built in such as:

  • Webcams
  • Snow conditions
  • Lift and trail status
  • Emergency call

Offering a smoother user experience and a more consistent look and feel, these intuitive widgets improve customer engagement and enjoyment.

Easier app navigation with the new tab bar 

One of the most notable changes in the new generation apps is the improvements we’ve made to app navigation. Gone is the old sandwich menu in the top left hand corner being replaced by the latest tab bar located at the bottom of the screen.

Previous drawer menu (1) which has now been replaced by the more intuitive tab bars (2) which have proven to produce greater user interaction

Tab bars have been proven to increase customer engagement and offer a clearer overview of the app layout.

Enhanced user interface throughout the app and improved map navigation

When we began the process of developing our new generation apps we undertook a comprehensive screen by screen review of our app and redesigned, improved and enhanced wherever we saw the opportunity. From the layout of the weather forecast, to the navigation of the maps. Everything looks fresher and cleaner with a greater consistency of typography, colors and icons. A great example of this can be seen in the onboarding. Customers are taken simply and quickly through a set of screens that allows them to easily set their preferences and give consent to everything needed to enjoy the full app functionalities.

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