Working with Spotlio feels like working with a local partner. We are amazed with the efficiency of their support service and their powerful project management tools. Only a few weeks after going live with Spotlio’s Booking Layer, we have already broken the sales record in the history of our company. We are happy with our choice.
SPOTLIO Mobile First Booking
SPOTLIO Mobile Booking
SPOTLIO Mobile Booking

Dynamic Packaging

Supplier Landing Pages

Customized Affiliated Business Page

Whistler Blackcomb, the #1 all-year-round resort of North America, unlocks new revenue potential using Spotlio’s Customized Mobile Booking Layer.

Whistler Blackcomb is the mountain destination of North America with the highest sales volume through its own online sales channels.
Whistler’s management team has chosen Spotlio to reach their challenging sales targets starting from the 2016/17 season onward: by significantly increasing online sales of year-round products like rentals, lessons and activities and by increasing online- versus call center sales.

By selecting the Customized Mobile Booking Layer of Spotlio, Whistler Blackcomb boosts conversions by increasing the cart value and decreasing the bounce-rate. All this thanks to the dynamic packaging that Spotlio’s booking layer offers, and the lightning-fast search results that improve the customer’s experience.

Another customer-loved feature of the Spotlio booking layer lets Whistler Blackcomb display special offers and products that are available around the selected date for the journey. The customer gets an immediate overview about all his options. And the suppliers have a powerful upselling-tool available.

Now Whistler Blackcomb profits from the option to quickly change images, links, and terms related to all online-products, and to convince customers through always up-to-date product information.


Since Whistler Blackcomb launched their Spotlio Booking Layer, even their affiliated businesses and suppliers have improved their online presence with brand-boosting and their own customized online booking landing pages.