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After seeing firsthand in Whistler Blackcomb how SPOTLIO’s Direct Booking layer improved the customer experience and strengthened our brand we decided to implement it across more of our resorts. Their platform is easy to use and it’s fully compatible with Inntopia, which made the implementation process quick and stress free. Also, the customization capabilities meant that each resort could keep its brand identity strong right through to the point of purchase. We’re pleased with the results.
Take a look at the SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions implemented at Vail Resorts
SPOTLIO Direct Booking
SPOTLIO Mobile Booking
SPOTLIO Mobile Booking
Vail Resorts Shows its Trust in SPOTLIO’s Direct Booking Layer by Rolling it Out to a Further 8 of its Mountain Destinations.


Vail Resorts, a synonym for excellence and prestige for many years, is North America’s leading ski resort operator. It runs 14 ski destinations across the USA, including the world class Vail Ski Resort, as well as Whistler Blackcomb in Canada, the largest ski resort in North America.



The success of Vail Resorts has been built on its core values, one of which is to ‘Grow profit through smart and innovative business practices’. With this in mind, and inspired by the success of Whistler Blackcomb, one of its newly acquired resorts who had already implemented SPOTLIO’s Direct Booking Layer in 2016, it decided to revamp the online direct booking skins of a number of its resorts. Their main goals were to increase direct online booking conversion rates whilst improving the customer online booking experience.

As a market leader in mobile solutions for mountain destinations with a proven track record of delivering well designed and effective online tools SPOTLIO was seen as the perfect partner to work with Vail Resorts.



Only a few months after work began, the SPOTLIO Direct Booking Layer has now been successfully rolled out to a further 8 of the largest ski destinations operated by Vail Resorts. Thanks to the customization capabilities of the SPOTLIO platform, each one of these renowned destinations now has its own unique identity fully reflected in their online direct booking layer.



As well as strengthening brands with its elegant, customizable design, the build quality of the SPOTLIO booking layer has led to an improved customer experience and has given a boost to online conversion rates. In only a few months, the professional approach of the SPOTLIO team and the proven flexibility of the SPOTLIO platform has been able to satisfy Vail Resorts’ requirements and implement 8 fully tested online booking layers, each with its own unique design and feel. Importantly, as SPOTLIO’s Direct Booking layer is 100% Inntopia-Integrated, there was no need to change or modify the Central Reservation Systems (CRS).

Today, SPOTLIO is proud to add Vail Resorts to its growing list of North American mountain destination partners which now includes Powdr Corp, Boyne USA, and the Alterra Mountain Company.


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