Steamboat offers its customers great choice but due to the size of our inventory, search results on our website were slow and customers were reluctant to build packages or book flights due to a lack of filter options and a poor booking experience. But, thanks to SPOTLIO’s Direct Booking Layer, we have been able to solve these problems. Now, we offer a booking experience that reflects the quality of our resort and we are seeing the average cart value grow and the bounce rate drop. Customers are buying more and that’s always a good thing.
SPOTLIO Direct Booking

Steamboat chooses SPOTLIO to solve their online direct booking challenges.

Located in the Yampa Valley, Steamboat is one of the most charming and thrilling ski destinations in the US. The town is full of historic buildings and the ski area has 165 named trails spread over 2,965 acres and offers something for skiers of all ages and ability.


When Steamboat first approached SPOTLIO their main objective was to improve the customer booking experience on their website and grow their direct sales revenue. As well as offering lodgings, rentals, activities and lift tickets they also offered customers the option of booking flights direct from their website and building dynamic packages. But, due to poor filtering options and slow search results, few customers where taking up this option. Also, Steamboat are very proud of their unique character and flavour which they were looking to incorporate into look and feel of their booking pages.


By choosing to go with the SPOTLIO Direct Booking Layer they were able to solve all of these problems within a few weeks. Our market-leading booking layer offers high levels of customization so they were able to put the unique “Steamboat” stamp straight into their booking pages transforming their look and feel.

Steamboat Booking - SPOTLIO Mobile Solutions

Steamboat’s booking page before and after SPOTLIO’s customization.

SPOTLIO developed a set of comprehensive tabs and filters that allow their customers to search and find their desired products quickly and with minimal effort. For flights ticket sales, we added new filters which allow customers to search by the number of stops, arrival and departure dates, airline and more. Now, their customers feel like they’re booking their flights direct from an airline website rather than a Mountain Destination. We also improved the dynamic packaging experience by creating intuitive tabs and improving checkout.


Steamboat has an enormous inventory which was leading to slow search results for their customers. But, thanks to our caching technology, we were able to dramatically increase the speed at which search results are delivered, in some cases they are now 10x faster.


The customer also wanted a separate Direct Booking page for their own Steamboat Grand Hotel. A page where their corporate and group customers could be directed to book their lodgings but which would only feature rooms available at the Steamboat Grand Hotel. The flexibility of our booking system allows us to do this with ease.


All of these changes mean that Steamboat now has a online direct sales channel that is frictionless, intuitive and worthy of the Steamboat brand. Customers are able to search quickly and effectively to find the products and services they’re after and then build dynamic packages, including flights, with ease. These profit-making changes have led to a higher average cart value, a lower bounce rate and increased revenue. We love it when our customers win.


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