La Daurada seasonal guide, Spain

We have a very dynamic business that requires very dynamic communication tools. With the mobile guide from Spotlio we found the perfect match between flexibility in creating and maintaining content and a powerful, yet very affordable mobile marketing tool. We change our content every day and are happy to be able to boost our ticket sales through special offers and notifications.
App Builder SPOTLIO
App Builder - SPOTLIO
App Builder SPOTLIO

La Daurada Guide – flexible mobile marketing tool for a multipurpose summer location.

La Daurada Beach Club is one of the best beach clubs on the mediterranean sea. The restaurants, bars, lounges and events are visited by an average of 6.000 guests per weekend.

La Daurada needed a flexible mobile marketing tool to address its wide variety of guests during the 5 months it’s open annually; A one-stop-shop in the pocket of every guest: a way to be informed, buy tickets, make reservations, receive last minute offers, recommend and share their experience.

Everything needed to be easily set-up and managed. The Spotlio mobile marketing platform with its powerful management console covers it all. And it only has to be paid for during the 5 months it’s in use.


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