More4you promotion guide, Austria

We wanted to offer to local businesses and places something far beyond the printed guides and coupon booklets. Something that enables them to measure the reach and the success of their marketing efforts. We found Spotlio lets us offer and always use the latest mobile marketing features without any of our own development. We can stay focused on our customer’s success with their customers.
App Builder - SPOTLIO
App Builder SPOTLIO

Mobile Couponing

3rd Party System Integration

A vivid Mobile Guide with tons of offers, coupons and games for the whole family.

The more4you Mobile Guide was built to transfer printed offer booklets into the mobile world. The marketing agency behind it very successfully connects mobile users with local businesses in Carinthia, Austria.

It has become a popular localized social mobile marketing tool for hundreds of businesses and places. For a modest fee these businesses get access to a very interactive and flexible communication channel that lets them stay in touch with local customers and prospects on a daily basis.

The increasing amount of exclusive offers and coupons especially for families makes the more4you guide attractive for mobile users by default.


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