Expoplaza Expo Center, Ecuador

Expoplaza wants to become a reference point for exhibitions, fairs and conventions in South America. We want to use the best tools to communicate with exhibitors and visitors, and the Spotlio’s platform delivers just that. We are able to generate new content, give new services to exhibitors and improve the visitors experience through our new Mobile Communications channel. Working with Orion3, Spotlio’s partner, we can completely customize our Mobile Guide’s look and feel for each new exhibition in a matter of days.
App Builder SPOTLIO
App Builder - SPOTLIO
App Builder SPOTLIO

Stunning Mobile Guide for Ecuador’s largest exhibition and conference center.

Guayaquil is home to Ecuador’s most important exhibition center called Expoplaza. When Orion3, a leading local marketing agency wanted to create an app for the center’s many conferences and guests, they chose the Spotlio platform to create iOS, Android and web versions of the Expoplaza Mobile Guide. Spotlio’s easy-to-use Management Console gives Orion3 and its client, Expoplaza, the flexibility to adapt the Mobile Guide’s content instantly to meet the needs of each new upcoming exhibition and event and enhance the experience for attendees and exhibitors alike.

Short video of Expoplaza Exhibition Center in Guayaquil.

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