Engadin St. Moritz 360° eTourism, Switzerland

We want to make the latest eTourism tools available to all our service providers in Engadin. Communicating and selling through the mobile channel plays a key role in today’s marketing mix. Everything is focused on presenting the best offers across multiple channel to inspire visitors and locals alike. It’s what our customers expect, and we always try to exceed their expectations.
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360° eTourism Destination Engadin St. Moritz: State-of-the-art Mobile Marketing Tools push Online Booking to the Next Level.

Engadin St. Moritz is the world’s top Alpine holiday destination. Every year it hosts over 4.5 million tourists and has nearly 20,000 locals living all-year-round in the valley with its majestic mountains and beautiful lakes. With a unique offering of  leisure and sporting activities, authentic cultural highlights, a wide range of stores and excellent restaurants and guaranteed world-class events the future of St Moritz looks bright indeed.


The Destination Management Organization (DMO)  at Engadin St. Moritz identified the need to upgrade their customer’s online booking experience and chose SPOTLIO to help them achieve this goal. By seamlessly implementing SPOTLIO’s customizable Inntopia-Integrated Direct Booking layer on top of its already existing Central Reservation System (CRS) customers are now able to enjoy a more intuitive and streamline booking experience. This, together with an elegant  state-of-the-art direct booking landing page, has led to improved levels of customer satisfaction and sent conversion rates soaring.


More than 1,800 businesses, places, and points of interest from among the 13 villages of the Upper-Engadin have since joined the new Engadin St. Moritz destination mobile guide. All participants  can communicate and sell directly through the mobile channel to locals and tourists alike. Every business participant in the mobile guide can control their communication and presence through a separate, versatile business app, accessible anytime and anywhere. With a constant flow of exciting offers, news and competitions regular users of the Engadin St. Moritz eConcierge app start to feel like real, VIP insiders in no time.


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