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We believe in the revenue-increasing effects of a sales focused mobile communication with the audience in your destination or resort. The Destination Guide demo app showcases all the available features for mobile communication in tourism that transform your place in a 360° eTourism destination.
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App Builder SPOTLIO


Live Snow Conditions

High Definition 3D Map


Discover all the potential features of our mobile marketing apps for destinations and resorts.

My own customized native apps and web app will move the active communication with the audience in my destination or resort to the next level. All the business participants in my app will profit from the direct communication capabilities of these state-of-the-art mobile marketing channels.

…Send segmented push notifications, based on geolocation, gender, age, and interests.


…Make visitors and locals become real insiders of your destination by communicating easily to access news, deals, events and all the other daily changing information about your destination.


Integrate Booking. The Spotlio Mobile Marketing Platform allows to integrate most booking systems and it is 100% compatible with Inntopia. Increase your online revenue by making all your sellable products available through native apps and web apps.


Monetize your destination offers through mobile couponing, mobile promotions and campaigns.


…Enrich your mobile resort guide with Spotlio’s popular add-on modules: GPS Tracking, Live Snow Conditions, High Definition 3D Maps, Live Weather, Webcams, Live Streaming and more.

The destination app for tourism destinations, resorts and cities is available today at a very affordable all-inclusive price. Check out more details by clicking here.