Spotlio Demo Guide

The Spotlio Demo Guide showcases all Mobile Marketing features that are available for everybody through the Spotlio Mobile Marketing Platform. Check out the different types of mobile promotions, mobile booking, in-app payment, marketing and social features today.
App Builder SPOTLIO
App Builder - SPOTLIO
App Builder SPOTLIO

Mobile Booking Integration

Promotions & Communications

In-App Payments

3rd Party System Integration

Demo Mobile Guide with all Mobile Marketing Core Features.

Here is the Spotlio Demo Mobile Guide to showcase the powerful experiences and unique features that come with our mobile marketing tools.


Download the native app from an app store or visit the responsive web app in your mobile browser through the buttons above.


Explore the Mobile Guide and get a feeling for how Spotlio can help retail, destination, travel, leisure and event operators use mobile marketing tools to increase engagement, facilitate mobile transactions and drive mobile revenue.


These and more mobile marketing features you will discover:


  • Mobile offers and coupons
  • Mobile-first presence for local businesses and places
  • Plug-and-play industry-specific widgets
  • All-mobile booking and payment
  • Mobile multimedia and social channel integration
  • Mobile user and usage analytics
  • Mobile Marketing Management Consol
See How Mobile Marketing Works.

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