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I personally believe in the potential of mobile communication to connect with citizens for cities and other public organizations. With the city guide demo we want to make it easy for everybody to discover how the usage of today’s mobile marketing tools can really become a game changer in the daily life of a city.
App Builder SPOTLIO
App Builder - SPOTLIO
App Builder SPOTLIO

Spotlio City Guide is the app offer for cities who want to use the mobile channel to communicate and engage with citizens and visitors.

With the Spotlio City Guide app everybody can discover how a city app allows one to:


  • Communicate the latest news, alerts, and real-time updates
  • Show transparency
  • Promote citizen participation
  • Open a real-time communication channel for official organizations
  • Boost the economy, culture, and tourism
  • Make citizens feel more safe
  • Make the latest mobile marketing tools available to businesses, event organizers, and all the other participants in the app
  • Let locals and visitors become real insiders and ambassadors of your city


Explore the Spotlio City Guide to check the features offered in all our city guides:


  • Citizen information service
  • Forms
  • Create proposals
  • Social features
  • Mobile coupons, ads, deals and bookings
  • Emergency call service
  • GPS-tracking
  • User registration


The city guide for towns, cities, or city districts is available today at a very affordable all-inclusive price. Check out more details by clicking here.


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