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With our Mobile Guide we can be proactive and deliver real-time information to our visitors, tourists and locals. Commercially we help increase sales and bookings of our business participants in a measurable way. For us, it is a must-have tool that we will continuously develop further on.

   Betim Budzaku – Director General Andorra Tourisme

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App Builder SPOTLIO

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Andorra Telecom Operates mobile guides for a tourism and retail nation.

The Andorran Government launched their first Mobile Guide as a tool to promote the wide variety of offers to entertain tourists in the country situated in the Pyrenees. Over 3,000 businesses and places act in real time within the mobile marketing platform of Andorra Go! Mobile Guide. These businesses are proud to interact with over 3,500 daily active users. Due to the superb technical capability of the Spotlio mobile marketing platform, they can maintain more than 600 active promotions, and during the opening campaign alone, over 1,000 coupons were downloaded.

Andorra Go! Mobile Guide

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