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14 Steps to a Successful Mobile Guide Promotion

Voila! You’ve just completed the creation of your mobile app guide and are preparing to launch it in the app stores. There, millions of future customers will instantly recognize its value and download it the same day. Simply sit back and watch your revenue multiply. That’s how it works, right?

Unfortunately, far too many mobile guide app owners fail to understand the flawed nature of the app store search system. Also, they fail to realize the importance of creating a pre-launch checklist for their mobile guide promotion. Simply put, Apple’s App Store and the Google Play platform have poor search systems. They are inadequate to satisfy the supply and demand explosion of the mobile app ecosystem.

However, the good news is that there are hundreds of ways to promote your app and attract your target audience. Here are 14 steps to promote your mobile guide:

1. Create a mobile-responsive micro-site.

This simple, clear and effective landing page will showcase your app and leave your users with only one call-to-action: download your app. Take a look at Engadinstmoritz for an example.

2. Create and Distribute an App preview.

A video is worth 1.8 million words. An App Preview Video is the most effective way to communicate the benefits of downloading your mobile guide to potential users. Make it simple and short (no more than 1 minute) and be creative! Click here to see an example.

3. Tease your existing audience with a taster of your upcoming mobile guide app.

A few weeks prior to launch, use your blog and email newsletter as kindling to start the promotional fires. Your core audience will feel like VIPs with an exclusive sneak peek and will be more inclined to share it if you offer an incentive, like early-bird access or free trial membership. Try to reach out to the press and share your news with them. Do the same with bloggers, influencers and industry key players. They’re super-connectors for your mobile app guide.

4. Prepare your mobile guide for the app stores.

Don’t simply copy and paste your existing website content into your mobile app description. Keep it short and sweet, using the minimum amount of words to get your value across (about 80-100 words). With your words and our carefully designed app preview images you’ll stand out from the pack. But don’t forget, a good ASO (App Store Optimisation) strategy is critical and can be the difference between being found in the spotlight or forgotten in search position #973 in the App Store. Click Engadin St Moritz Destination to see an example.

5. Communicate your app online.

Integrate either your App Landing Page or the deep link URL, into your existing online communication by promoting it through email campaigns, websites, social networks, newsletters etc. Paid advertising is also a great tool to communicate your app online.

6. Communicate your app offline.

Make sure your mobile guide is present everywhere by also promoting it through offline channels such as: billboards, radio stations, ski station accesses, printed publications, parking lots, cash desks, cable lifts, etc…

7. Create Viral Loops.

The best way to raise awareness for a new mobile guide is through word of mouth. So, add a sharing mechanism that incentivises your early adopters to invite 5 friends each by connecting to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

8. Convert your customers into registered users.

Increase user registration by promoting the in-app features that are exclusive to registered users and by organising raffles and contests. Remember to send push notification to inform your users who won to demonstrate that everything that happens on the app is real.

9. Teach your registered users how to personalise the app.

In the app menu, there are features that users can employ to customize their app and get the most out of it. These include Notifications, My Coupons, Preferences, Favorites, and My Profile. You just need to guide them to the menu and let them explore its possibilities.

10. Allow users to improve your mobile guide.

Activate SPOTLIO’s Create Proposal’ widget to allow users to share their proposals with you. Users can upload an image, take a photo, type a comment or overwrite their location if needed.

11. Create recurring notifications and event plans.

Set up the Preferences page to better segment your users (Snowboarders, Skiers, Family, Locals, Singles, etc…). And send 2 or 3 segmented push notifications per week, based on customer Preferences, especially to those users nearby. Also, create an event plan, update your public agenda and highlight your events.

12. Monitor and Manage your mobile guide reviews.

The app stores place a lot of value on reviews and ratings when ranking your mobile guide. So encourage your users to review your apps and address any negative reviews promptly and directly. Reviews and ratings are an important part of mobile app store SEO which is why we include this service as standard for all our partners who subscribe to our App Builder Platform.

13. Develop In-app advertising.

You can monetize your app by placing paid banners or categories for partners, local businesses or maybe even big companies. Start by setting up a list of prices based on the available periods and placements and sharing it with potential advertisers.

14. Get ready for next season!

Don’t forget to check out the SPOTLIO Analytics for your app. Identify at a glance the most visited content in the app and plan the new design accordingly.

While experimentation and creativity are encouraged in the infant world of mobile app promotion, you can’t afford to bypass the basics. Create a pre-launch checklist that’s specific to your needs and research what others have done before you. Understand the rules in order to break them and realise that getting the download isn’t the final goal. If you keep listening to your customers and adding value where it matters, you can expect a long life of high engagement and an increasing monthly average users motivated to help you share and improve your mobile guide.

If you’d like to learn more about these topics or just speak to one of our experienced mobile marketing tools designers, we’re happy to set up a free consultation.

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