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Mobile Guide App Development: Develop From Scratch vs Mobile Marketing Platform

A few weeks ago Google claimed it now services more searches on smartphones than desktops in 10 countries, USA included. As a marketer or marketing agency, the pressure has never been higher to compete for customers and increase customer engagement. You already understand that technology is a critical element of your business. However, web and mobile platforms have evolved so quickly it can seem impossible to keep up. As consumer demands and behaviours continue to shift and transform with the proliferation of the smartphone, many marketers and marketing agencies are asking themselves whether or not to do their mobile guide app development themselves or use a professional mobile marketing platform.

If you’ve been in the game for a while, this issue is not a new one. We saw it when the internet and online advertising arrived and when social media became a major customer communication channel. Well, in technology, the only constant is change and we’re now neck deep in the mobile revolution. While every company and industry is unique and must assess their specific needs, we can help shed some light on your decision. Here are three reasons to do your mobile app development from the scratch and three to benefit from a professional mobile marketing platform like ours 😉

Reasons To Do App Development From The Scratch


1. You can manage the process directly.

When your development team is yours, it’s easier to manage the project and assure your vision is being built correctly. As a project manager, you can add and reduce resources in order to hit your deadlines and meet your objectives. Lastly, you shouldn’t experience too many unexpected cultural or communication issues. That’s because these technical teams are a part of your company and not shared with others.

2. Own your code

If you build it, you own it. There shouldn’t be any loose ends or live wires concerning your source code. Furthermore, you won’t worry about finding the original developers if something breaks down the road.

3. Knowledge retention

While it’s likely much more expensive to find, recruit, hire and retain top technical talent. In the long run, the knowledge stays in the team. This can be beneficial for certain long term projects or companies that demand a high level of technical expertise. They only need to be trained once and the internal knowledge will spread to customer service and product support departments.

Reasons To Use A Mobile Marketing Platform To Build And Maintain Your Mobile Guide App


1. It’s MUCH less expensive

Hiring top technical staff will undoubtedly put a strain on your cash flow, especially in the short-term. Talent acquisition, retention and training will be mandatory expenses adding to your current overhead. Sourcing solid candidates, negotiating salaries, training and keep them happy (ie: workspace, computers, software licences, toolkits, etc) all adds up. Enlisting a specialized team with a high-competence for developing customized mobile guides will be a bit less expensive. But using a proven mobile marketing platform for your app development is much less expensive. E.g. Spotlio offers inexpensive subscriptions for any type of technical need.

2. Time management

Once you hire the tech team, your job’s not done. You’ll add hundreds of hours in project management to oversee the project. You may even need to hire a dedicated project manager to fulfil your requirements. Any unexpected issues could force you to hire additional staff like designers or specialized experts to complete the job. By using our mobile marketing platform for your mobile guide development, you’ll receive a simple solution meeting your every need. All in 2-3 weeks. This allows you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

The management console of the mobile marketing platform lets you build and maintain your mobile guide apps with ease.

3.  Avoid the testing process and continuous updating

Don’t forget that building the mobile app is only half the battle. Testing it to perfection is what many marketers and agencies overlook. By hiring a company like Spotlio, you avoid purchasing all of the products necessary to effectively test your mobile guide. Sometimes the ability to skip testing process is reason enough to use a mobile marketing platform to build and maintain your mobile guide. By using Spotlio, you also avoid the need of constantly updating your mobile guide apps. Just to stay up-to-date with new mobile devices and operating systems. Spotlio’s mobile marketing platform updates your iOS- and Android apps up to four times a year.


In the end, it comes down to control and budget. If you want total control of your mobile development, then hiring an in-house team is the best option for you. However, by working with a company like Spotlio, you’re assured the most up-to-date technology and tactics available. We’ve spent years becoming experts at developing mobile guides for our clients around the world and are confident we’re the right team to make sure your needs are always met. As technology continues to roll forward, Spotlio can take the challenge of keeping up with the latest consumer behaviour off your plate, letting you focus on building your brand and delivering a great customer experience.

If you’d like to learn more about these topics or just speak to one of our experienced mobile marketing tools designers, we’re happy to set up a free consultation. We look forward to helping you optimizing your mobile guide app development.

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