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The SPOTLIO’s 3D Map presents your resort or destination in a realistic and immersive way. And even more important, it’s easy to use! Achieve a higher customer engagement by letting them:

 Plan their visit to your resort > Increasing your destination’s revenue
 Check the status of your resort real time > Simplifying the operations of your facilities
 Book their stay > Boosting your online booking revenue
 Check out the businesses options > Impulsing the business growth in your destination
 Find all relevant information > Increasing the average session time of your site
 Locate themselves in a specific position > Reducing the time spent on Customer Care
 Find out the weather forecast > Without additional cost for you
 Watch live cams > Extending the live information of your resort
 Book their activities > Increasing the in-destination revenue
 Get access to real time promotions > Integrating the interactive map with your apps
 Access the map from any device > Maximizing your audience
 Find friends and family in the map > Turning your resort in a playground for your community

3D Booking Map - SPOTLIO

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