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Spotlio's Customized Mobile Booking LayerSpotlio's Customized Mobile Booking Layer
Spotlio's Customized Mobile Booking LayerSpotlio's Customized Mobile Booking Layer

My Customized Direct Booking.

Increase your online revenue through SPOTLIO’s proven responsive direct booking layer.

1. START: Schedule a free consultation with SPOTLIO.

Fully customized, revenue increasing mobile booking layer. 100% compatible with your current booking engine. Optimized booking process for desktop and mobile devices.

 Fully customized, mobile-first booking layer
 100% compatible with your current booking system
 Boost online revenue by 40% to 300%
 Increase the average cart value
 Decrease the bounce-rate
 Speed-up search results
 Brand-boosting supplier pages
 Customized landing pages for affiliated businesses
 Seamless integration with mobile apps

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Boost your online revenue now

2. FEATURES: Help to increase my online revenue.

Core features included in the direct booking layer


We set up search criterias and filtering options according to your visitors needs and your experiences. Search results are fast thanks to sophisticated caching.


Every destination has its own product priorities. Sometimes product tabs and their order depends on the season. We are here to make it happen.


Up-selling activities, tickets, lessons, and more in a smart way increases the cart value. The optimized booking process for all screen sizes reduces the bounce rate to almost zero.


We make sure that your mobile booking layer has all the latest features of your booking system available - always. The booking layer itself is continuously improved with the latest features.

Helpful add-on features for the direct booking layer


Every supplier (e.g. hotel, activities provider, rental shop) can have its own full-featured booking page to process direct bookings.


Present a different product mix with an independent page. It comes with its own look & feel but uses the same booking system inventory as the main mobile booking layer.


For faster search results, image sizes are always optimized to the screen size that your customers want to view it on.


SPOTLIO’s experienced development team will find the way to make your visions come true.

3. PRICING: Favorable setup fee* – self paying subscription.

The increase in online revenue will pay back more than what you pay.

* The setup fee depends on the Central Reservation System that you are working with. For more information, schedule a free consultation here.

Choose your preferred currency to check out options and cost.

Take the first steps today to boost your online revenue

4. PUBLISH: 2 weeks after ordering, your new Customized Direct Booking Layer goes live.

Proven online project management tools and the experienced mobile marketing experts guide you around every corner of the project.

Get inspired for your new online booking layer by checking out what other resorts and destinations have done with SPOTLIO so far.

5. MONETIZE: Boost your online revenue thanks to these 3 game changers.

Integrated Up Selling Features to Increase Cart Value0%

Mobile Optimized Booking Process to Decrease Bounce Rate0%

Seamless Integration With Mobile Apps0%

Only a few weeks after going live with Spotlio’s Booking Layer, we had already broken our sales record in the entire history of our company.

Erik Austin, VP of Reservations, Whistler Blackcomb

With our new, mobile-optimized booking site we increased our online sales at an amazing pace.

Melissa Callaghan, Ecommerce Manager at Ski Banff Lake Louise Sunshine

A 60% jump in booking revenues was totally unexpected.

Ram Mikulas, Copper Mountain Resort

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