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Andorra has a lot more to offer than discrete banks. When it comes to tourism, it’s a hidden diamond with several opportunities to do business. With the Andorra Go! Mobile Guide, various businesses are able to collaborate and profit from each others activities. The variety ranges from shopping offers, gastronomic presentations, and accommodation tips to leisure activities and an agenda of the latest events.


Every day changing offers, promotions and coupons make Andorra Go! a loved mobile guide. 

Over 3,000 participants act in real time within the online platform of Andorra Go and are proud to receive over 3,500 daily active users. Due to the superb technical capability of the platform, they can maintain 600 active promotions, and on the opening campaign alone over 1,000 coupons were downloaded.

The Andorran Government launched their first Mobile Guide as a tool to promote the wide variety of offers to entertain tourists in the country of the Pyrenees. Andorra Go, developed by Spotlio, hosts the broad touristic opportunities in the region. Andorra Telecom (the local Telecom provider) and Andorra Tourism would like to offer a direct channel of communication to tourists to make commercial and touristic offers available in real-time.

Thanks to the integration of the Andorra Tourism content and agenda, visitors have the possibility to interact and use the offered services of our partners. Guests get information about all activities in the country, can trade in coupons and get up-to-date information about offers and promotions.

With our Mobile Guide we can be proactive and deliver real-time information to our visitors, tourists and locals. Commercially we help increase sales and bookings of our business participants in a measurable way. For us, it is a must-have tool that we will continuously develop further on,
says Betim Budzaku, Director General Andorra Tourisme.

Furthermore, the local Telecom provider takes the chance to explore a new field:

Andorra telecom wants to go beyond standard telecom services and thanks to Andorra Go! we consequently add value to the visitors by improving the buying experience as well as offering the businesses a new channel to interact directly with the tourists,
says Jordi Nadal, CEO Andorra Telecom.

Use The Best Tools Available For Mobile Marketing Optimization

There are amazing, and affordable, tools available that allow you to better understand your customers needs and wants. Remember, the only thing we can count on is that EVERYTHING will change. So pay close attention in order to spot new trends early.

To help you maximize mobile revenues, use the following tools to stay alert to the changing needs of your audience. With the right tools, constant optimization and learning how your customers behave becomes fast and easy.

  • To quickly and easily improve customer tracking and optimization of your mobile website apps, use the new Google Tag Manager. By continuously gathering data about users’ movement on your mobile booking page, you’ll better understand what’s working and what isn’t. Further A/B testing becomes easier and the average value of your shopping carts will increase. Sometimes a simple change in color or placement of a button can make a massive difference in conversions.
  • Spotlio’s Management Console Analytics lets you analyze your traffic in real-time. Specifically, watch your bounce rate. Where is the traffic coming from? How long are users staying? Where are they going after they leave? All of this data helps you better understand what’s influencing your visitors’ behavior and learn how to increase conversion rates.
  • Caution: we’re about to toot our own horn here. The Spotlio Mobile Guide Platform is fully optimized for both the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. It allows you to continuously optimize the booking experience and increase your overall revenues in little to no time.

Now, this just a start. However, if you keep these simple strategies in mind while keeping a focus on the overall mobile experience, you’ll find yourself outperforming your revenue targets much faster than you ever thought possible.

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