3D Booking Map - SPOTLIO

My customized Interactive 3D Map for my destination.

Make all points-of-interest and all your bookable products accessible through your own branded Interactive 3D Booking Map. Instead of Google your own brand will stay on top of your own map.

BENEFITS – How the Interactive 3D Booking Map empowers my destination.

Impress visitors with the most immersive and attractive way to present the destination and make online products easy to buy.

Increase destination’s revenue due to all products being easier to book online during the planning phase.
More in-destination revenue thanks to easy to book last minute products during the stay.
Reduce the call center cost through making the relevant information more easily accessible in real time.
Optimize the visitor flow by providing status information in real time.
The resort turns into a fun playground for my community because everybody can easily locate himself, friends and family in the map.
Present weather forecast, webcams, POIs and status information in a very intuitive way.
Help businesses grow in the destination by integrating them in the 3D Booking Map.
Strengthen online presence, maximize your audience and become an eTourism destination.
Get a precious module that easily integrates with your destination app, social channels and website.

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EASY MANAGEMENT – Control the content of the Interactive 3D Map in real time and from any device.

3D Booking Map

Responsive management console to stay in control of your Interactive 3D Booking Map. Decide what do you want to show in your interactive map and how do you want to display it.

 POIs: restaurants, hotels, hospitals, events

 Tracks: trails, runs, slopes, lifts

 Areas: snowboard park, sledge area, free ride

FAST SETUP – Many data import standards are supported by the Interactive 3D Map.

You can import and export data into the 3D map in many formats.This feature makes it very easy converting resort data to other formats that can be used in other map technologies such as Google Maps and Google Earth. And it allows also the import of common GPS device formats.

3D Booking Map

FOR EVERYBODY – Multiplatform, Multidevice, Multipurpose.

3D Booking Map - SPOTLIO

The Interactive 3D Booking Map is compatible with all the major browsers on any device without additional plugins. Our optimized WebGL implementation secures a high speed and stable performance to maximize your audience.

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HAPPY CUSTOMERS – Check out what other resorts and destinations have done with SPOTLIO so far.

How can my destination profit from the Interactive 3D Booking Map?

Business growth thanks to the integration of local companies0%

Increase of customer lifetime value and loyalty0%

Seamless integration with apps, websites and social channels0%

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